Video Speed Controller

is now available on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox

Control The Video Playback Speed For Best Viewership Experience

If the world is running, get the control back with the Video Speed Controller Extension. Switch to comfortable streaming by adjusting the video playback to your pace.
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Installing Video Speeder Controller Extension

From younger ones to the elderly, anyone can use this extension to sync perfectly to their speed of streaming. Additionally, the installation and utilization are also facile, which you can accomplish by following the below directions.

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Install the Extension
Pin it to the Toolbar
Launch it

How Does The Extension Work?

The speed indicator will appear in the upper left corner of any page that offers HTML5 video as soon as the extension is installed. Furthermore, the controls to fast-forward, rewind, and slow down the movie will become visible when you hover your cursor over the indicator. Alternatively, you could use your keyboard <br/> On the extension's settings page, you can change and reassign the default shortcut keys. Furthermore, you may add new shortcut keys as well.

Control from “S” Key
Control from “D” Key
Control from “R” Key
Control from “Z” Key
Control from “X” Key
Control from “G” Key
Control from “V” Key
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Features Of Video Speed Controller

Usually, people love to stream content on their laptops and desktop PCs because of the high-resolution screens. Furthermore, it is wide enough for an individual to watch anything by himself and share it with another person. Therefore, having a web extension like Video Speed Controller is perfect for those devices. From a different range of playback increases or decreases, this tool has other prominent features.

Accessible Slide Bar
Adjustment Speed
Simple UI
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