Video Speed Controller

is now available on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox

How do you use a Video Speed Controller

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It's basic that you get a video playback controller in all the online videos and streaming platforms. Furthermore, a platform like YouTube also offers dedicated speed-controlling functions; thus, it's easy to adjust the video playing speed. However, those controllers don't offer many options. Additionally, several online media platforms don't have the function to increase or decrease the playback speed. Therefore, using a Video Speed Controller is beneficial to set the pace as per your liking.   

For those who have limited time and want to watch lengthy movies fast for instructional purposes or for other reasons, this extension is a handy tool. The Video Speed Controller Extension is a web tool for everyone who considers speeding up or slowing down the video playing whenever they watch something for a better viewership experience. Furthermore, the extension is available for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers. Additionally, it may be used to both speed up and slow down audio files as well as online podcasts. Any online video that supports HTML 5 code can be controlled with this extension.   

How to use the Video Playback Controller Add-on?

When you install the Video Speed Controller Chrome, your browser gains a control panel. Using that panel, you can modify the speed at which internet videos play. Moreover, the overlay's control panel displays as a widget above the video screen you are viewing.

Follow these guidelines to understand how to utilize the extension properly:

1. To install the extension, you can tap here or browse your browser's Web Store for the Video Speed Controller Firefox. There, click to add it to your browser and proceed further. 

2. After installation, the extension needs to be pinned to the browser's toolbar. So, tap the "pin" icon to add the extension to the toolbar. Try opening the puzzle symbol in the upper right corner of the taskbar if you can't find the extension icon there. 

3. To use the add-on, all you have to do is click on the widget and choose the speed you want to use. The predefined button format of this extension makes it simple for users to use the tool.

What’s the Functioning of the Extension?

As soon as the extension is installed, the speed indicator will show up in the upper left corner of any page that supports HTML5 video. The overlay control panel shows the buttons for fast-forwarding, rewinding, and slowing the video will become apparent. You might also use the short keys your keyboard for effective use:

1. Control from “S” Key

“S” denotes the key to decreasing the playback speed.

2. Control from “D” Key

“D” denotes the key to increasing playback speed.

3. Control from “R” Key

“R” denotes the key to reset the playback speed to 1.0x.

4. Control from “Z” Key

“Z” denotes the key to rewind for 10 seconds.

5. Control from “X” Key

“X” denotes the key to forward for 10 seconds.

6. Control from “G” Key

“G” denotes the key to toggle between current and other configurable speeds.

7. Control from “V” Key

“V” denotes the key to show/hide the controller.

On the extension's settings page, you can change and reassign the default shortcut keys. Furthermore, you may add new shortcut keys as well.

Use Video Speed Controller on All OTT Platforms

The web tool to change video speed is one solution for controlling video playback speed across all video streaming and OTT platforms. This extension works with all streaming services, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Disney+Hotstar, and more. Therefore, watch videos from .25x to 4x speed and control the video playback as you prefer. Watch videos more comfortably whether you speed them or slow down.

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